Friday, February 18, 2011

Antibodies online

Finding the right product for an experiment or assay development often takes a lot of time. We need to compare various catalogues, or, if we are lucky, we may use companies’ web sites. However, often it is difficult to compare products from different suppliers that are shown in different formats on separate web sites. Additionally, there are many medium sized and small suppliers of interesting products that are not known to a wide audience.
An interesting approach to solving these difficulties for various biochemical and molecular biological products is offered by a web site called
The principle behind antibodies-online is to present one common marketplace for suppliers to offer their products. One may say antibodies-online aspires to be the Amazon of biochemical products, making the world’s supply of biological research reagents available to researchers internationally. states that they offer more than 300,000 products from more than 120 suppliers. The products are available worldwide and include antibodies, as the name suggests, as well as ELISA kits, biochemical assays, chemicals, buffers, cell-culture supplies and much more besides.

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